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Newpaper Articles on Mongolia

From Mongolia, Layered Voices and Intimations of the Eternal, New York Times
Pink Floyd's Money Travels Long Way to Mongolia, Bloomberg
Summer celebrations in Mongolia, The Times
Nomads No More, U.S. News & World Report
A Most Exotic Art Scene Blooms in Ulan Bator, New York Times
Conquering An Image Problem, Forbes
The Empire Strikes Back, Time
Where Sleeps Genghis Khan?, U.S. News & World Report
Hearts in Their Throats, Newsweek
Mongolian Nomadic Lifestyle,
Proud People of Mongolia, Readers Digest
Land Rover G4 Challenge in Mongolia,
American-Mongolian team finds tombs near birthplace of Genghis Khan
Summoning Souls - A Shaman's Approach to Spiritual Healing
General Country Information

CIA world factbook - Mongolia
Official tourism website of Mongolia
Ministry of Foreign affairs of Mongolia
Government of Mongolia
Ministry of Trade and Industry 
BBC country profile - Mongolia
NYT Almanac on Mongolia
US Department of State - Mongolian history and overview
The Washington Post Mongolia Wire
Nations - Mongolia
The Euroasianet - Mongolian page
The Library of Congress Country Study: Mongolia

Mongolia Travel Stories on the US newspapers

Mongolia: No Tourist Hordes, By Joshua Kurlantzick, The Washington Post
A Nomad Among Nomads In Mongolia, By MICHAEL BENANAV, The New York Times
Gliding Along the Water in the Land of the Eternal Sky, By JAN GOODWIN, The New York Times 
The last wild horses in Asia
, The Sunday Times
Galloping in the Hoofprints of Genghis Khan in Mongolia, By EDWARD WONG, The New York Times
This Yak Walks Into a Bar . . . By ADAM GOODHEART The New York Times

Mongolia Travel Blogs

Mongolia is the country of extremes
Greetings from Mongolia, by Hils
Ger camp .. and surreal Happiness Land! by Sozek
Mongolia by Meercatvinny
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia by Brad_and_mel
The Mongolian Metropolis by Piphunt
17 days around north and central Mongolia by Grizzly - Mongolia trip
Beijing to Ulaanbaatar by rail by Vine_hooligans's
The Gobi by Worldramblings
Traditional Mongolian living  by Vine_hooligans's
Mongolian Crossing - Natinal Geograhpic
There is not a moment that goes by that Mongolia will not amaze you
Mongolia at last! by Iss7
Mongolian Matters - News from Mongolia, Guido Verboom
An excellent adventure by Kevinwalls
Central Mongolia is a remarkable place
A good hair week in Mongolia by Tim Cahil
Mongolia photos by saanaran
Real olympiad for man’s sports in Mongolia by Asya 
Good morning Mongolia!!
New Mongols

Falling in love with Mongolia, by Tim Wu
Mongolia - Land of Genghis Khan, by Günther
Horse riding on the Mongolian Steppes
Travelling right, travelling light - Mongolia
Mongol rally adventure
The next great travel writer contest - Mongolia
Ian Hallo's Travel Journal - Travel in Mongolia
Branden's Mongolia Trip
Academic papers and articles


Assessing Mongolian snow disaster risk using livestock and satellite data
Tachiiri, K., Shinoda, M., Klinkenberg, B. and Morinaga, Y,  Journal of Arid Environments 72, 2008.

An examination of the political and economic transition of Mongolia since the collapse of the Soviet Union
Bilskie, Journal of the Thirld World Studies ,  J.S. 2002.

Glamour and value in the land of Chingis Khan
Anderson, J.H., Korsun, G., and Murrell, P. Journal of Comparative Economics 31 2003
Which enterprises (believe they) have soft budgets? Evidence on the effects of ownership and decentralization in Mongolia.

Mongolia: recent economic developments and outlook
International Monetary Fund, 2008.

Productivity growth in pre-1990 Mongolia agriculture: spiralling disaster or emerging success?
Bayarsaikhan, T and Coelli, T.J,  Agricultural Economics 28, 2003.

Tracking economic policy and poverty outcomes in Mongolia
Marshall, R., Nixson, F. and Walters, B,  Brooks World Poverty Institute working paper 27, 2008.

Trends in international investment flows: FDI in Mongolia, Nachin, D. 2005.
The foolish adventure - Mongolia travel
Professional travel guide. com - Mongolia
Mongolia travel forum -
Intelligent travel-Mongolia
Vagabond journeys - Mongolia travel

The shards - Mongolia travel
Traveler Advice on Mongolia -
Mongolia vacations info -
Travel - Mongolia
English newspapers and websites

Mongolia Online
Montsame news agency
UB post newspaper
Mongolia Today website
Mongol messenger newspaper
The voice of Mongolia website

Government, Politics & Organizations

Government of Mongolia
- The President
    - The  Ikh Hural (Parliament)
    - The Prime minister, Cabinet
UN in Mongolia
Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party
Democratic Party
Friends of Mongolia
Mongolian Embassies

Washington DC, USA
Bruxelles, Belgium
Ottawa, Canada
Tokyo, Japan
London, UK
Berlin, Germany
Paris, France
Beijing, China
Seoul, Korea

Vienna, Austria

Culture and Tradition

Introduction to the Art of Mongolia
History of Civilizaitons of Central Asia: Mongol Art
Traditional music and instruments
Mongolian Traditional Costumes
Mongolian Traditions and Customs  - TV5 Mongolia
Spreading the Culture of Peace through Family Traditions and Family Values
The Virual Mongol - Mongolia photo directory in English and Japanese
Mongolian National Archery
Culture of Mongolia - Embassy of Mongolian in the U.S

Explorations in Empire - The Mongols - San Antonio College History Department
The Land of Genghis Khan - At National Geographic
The Mongol Khans -  by Kelley L. Ross
Mongolian Empire: The Yuan - Washington State University
Modern History of Mongolia -

Mongols in the World History - Columbia University

Academic Studies

Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit - University of Cambridge
Mongolian Climate Studies: History of an Extreme Climate
Mongolian Biodiversity and Ecological Studies
Lake Hovsgol Ecosystem Studies
American Center for Mongolian Studies
Mongolian Studies Collection at Durham University
Buddhism, Religion in Mongolia

Buddhism in Mongolia
His Excellency the Ninth Jetsun Dhampa
Mongolian Buddhism Revival Project
Danzan Ravjaa

Tilopa Center

Mongolian Shamanism

Mongolian language resources

Indiana University Center for the Languages of the Central Asian Region
Sonsow uu  - Improve your listening comprehension in Mongolian
Website in Russian with links to Mongolian language resources

English-Mongolian-English online dictionary
Political science

The inner asian anomaly: Mongolia’s democratization in comparative perspective
Fish, M.S, Communist and Post-Socialist Studies 34,  2001.

Democratization and corruption in Mongolia
Fritz, V, Public Administration and Development 27, 2007.

Political reform in Mongolia: Between Russia and China
Ginsburg, T, Asian Survey 35(5), 1995

Environmental studies

Pastoralism and protected area management in Mongolia’s Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park
Bedunah, D.J. and Schmidt, S.M, Development Change 35(1), 2004.

Spatially heterogeneous impacts on rangeland after social system change in Mongolia
Land Degradation & Development 18

Lower forest-grassland ecotones and 20th Century livestock herbivory effects in northern Mongolia
Sankey, T.T., Montagne, C., Graumlich, L., Lawrence, R. and Nilesen, J, Foreign Ecology and Management 233, 2006.


Open and distance learning in the Gobi desert: Non-formal education for nomadic women
Robinson. B, Distance Education 20, 1999.

Social capital, collective action and group formation: Development trajectories in Post-socialist Mongolia
Upton, C. Human Ecology 36, 2008.
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