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Byanzurkh district
Tel: +976-9409-8778 (Mongolia)
        +1 - 614-556-4379 (USA)
We are a Ulaanbaatar based company, specialized in nature sightseeing and adventure travels for
foreign tourists in Mongolia. Since 2007, we have organized more than 200 classic sightseeing and
adventure tours for clients from  the U.S. Japan, Canada, South Korea, and Europe.

During this period, we have gained significant experience in the business and have built a sound
base of travel vehicles and utilities. Our car park consists of several well maintained 4X4 Japanese
jeeps and Russian vans. We have plenty of reserve utilities such as saddles, camping tents and
fishing rods for adventure tourists.

Satisfaction, comfort and the safety of our customers are our first priorities. We limit the number of
trips we organize in Mongolia every year to 30 as this permits us to listen to every customer and be
flexible with our travel schedules and routes. Any of our itinerary can be modified according to your
preferences for travel timing and activities.
General Manager: Zula 
Zula manages the company in Mongolia. She loves to travel and communicate with the nomadic people and introduce their way of living to travelers. She has worked for university and government organizations in Mongolia for several years.  She studied finance in Australia.  After earning her Masters degree in Australia, she has been successfully managing the company for since 2007.
Suren: Tour Manager
Tour Guides: We employ well-qualified guides who are all well-versed in local culture, flora and fauna, and history.  Please see what our customers have to say about our guides in our Testimonials Section.  We work hard to recruit the best guides, and we reward them well.  They will look after you very well, indeed!

With our skilled and experienced drivers, you can be assured that you will be safe when you are traveling. Our drivers all have great personalities and contribute a unique quality to the atmosphere of our tours.  You can consider them reliable and helpful friends, from the very first time you meet them. 
Suren manages our day-to-day activities. With his expertise and experience in tourism, he contributes to every aspects of our tours; from planning to delivering. Suren is a tour manager by profession and a traveler by nature. Born and raised in the countryside, he has extensive travel experience;  therefore, he knows the Mongolian countryside and tourist destinations like the back of his hand.  Since he began his career as a tour guide 8 years ago, he has developed into one of the front-running experts of the Mongolian tourism industry.
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