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Hi Amga, We want to thank you for our perfect trip in Mongolia. We had such a great time. We
thought it was going to be a "trip of a lifetime", but we enjoyed our time in Mongolia so much, we
are thinking of saving up for another trip. We really loved the beauty of the nature and the
nomadic culture. The itinerary couldn't have been planned any better. Chimge was very
professional and informative. She and other guides were on time to pick us up and explain our day.
We really didn't have to worry about anything. I look forward to traveling with you in the future.
Dorsey family, USA, 2007

Dear Amga, Thank you so much for a lovely time in Mongolia, everything was very well arranged,
and particularly on our trip to Zavkhan we had a great time. I especially want to commend you for
being so responsive to my questions and concerns. We had such an amazing time and someday
we will be coming back! Greetings to Nasa. Elissa, Germany, 2007

Hello Zula, I wanted to thank you for all your help in getting this trip together for me. I loved my
time in Mongolia.  I really enjoyed experiencing the nomadic lifestyle, seeing all the natural
beauties and learning the history of Mongolia. Jardine, 2007, Sweden

Hi Amga, We are back in California after my eventful trip to Mongolia. I so appreciate all you have
done for us. The trip was excellent and I really appreciate for your effort to make the trip so
wonderful. Kylie, 2008, USA

My family and I are most grateful to you as the tour was exceptional. We can not thank you
enough for all your help. Without your experience and thoughtfulness we never would have made
it. Thank you Nara for all of your help in arranging this riding trip in Khentii. Agota, 2008, Spain

Had a nice stay at the Lake Huvsgul. You're very nice people, very professional. Would like to
travel with you again. Thank you. Kathy & Micheal, 2008, England

Traveling for three weeks through Mongolia has made a big impression on us. Mother Nature
provided the most wonderful entertainment without a comedian, night shows, nor a jazz band. 
We were constantly surprised and delighted by the breathtaking views in Mongolia. Thank you for
making this possible for us.  Michele, 2007, USA,

The trip was so well coordinated, from the camel riding in the Gobi Desert to climbing Mount
Otgontenger. We had nothing less than a blissful experience. Thank you so much, and we will be
contacting you in the future. Cortney and Steve, 2008, USA

I liked every aspect of our travel in Mongolia, the stay with the nomadic family, horseback riding
and  trip to lake Huvsgul. Thank you so much for all you did to make this such a spectacular trip
for us. Lisa, 2009, USA

We wanted to thank you for all of your time and effort.  Everything was perfect, the whole
process was thought to every single detail. We loved Mongolia, the country of deep blue sky and
bright stars. We will definitely return to Mongolia and will have your service again. We will also
recommend you to our friends. Jennifer & Mark Evans, 2009, USA

I would just like to say thank you very much for the absolutely fantastic trip.  We had such an
amazing time, everything we've seen in Mongolia were so different from what we've seen in
anywhere else.  Our thanks goes to Zula and Suren for making our trip a great experience, the trip
that exceeds our expectations.  I hope to see you again in Mongolia in near future. Brent &
Jordan, UK, 2009

Dear Amga, I wanted to write and thank you once again for all of your effort in putting together
such a fantastic vacation for us in Mongolia.  All-in-all we were exceptionally pleased with the
organization, arrangements and especially your attention to detail and to us. If we ever travel
again to Mongolia, we’ll definitely ask for your help. Simrod family, USA, 2010

Our horseback riding in Tsetsuuh was once in a lifetime experience.  Amazingly hospitable people.
Beautiful land.  You succeeded in removing all our fears as first-time riders and provided what one
can only describe as a superb and seamless itinerary.  We enjoyed our communication with the
local nomadic families very much. Thank you. Erika,  Patrick, Kyle and Sarah, USA, 2011
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