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If you cancel more than 60 days before the start date of your trip, you will be fully refunded expect for $80 for handling fee and bank transaction costs, if any.

If you cancel 31-60 days prior to the start date of your trip, 50% of your costs will be refunded. 

In the event of cancellation less than 30 days prior the start date of your trip, only 10% will be refunded.

The date of cancellation will be determined by the date of your e-mail, phone call received or mail stamped by the post office. 

We recommend you take out travel cancellation insurance.  It may help if  you need to cancel you trip due to some justifiable reasons such as medical and family emergency. 

In cases of force majeure such as earthquake, flood, we will refund you all payments paid to us up to that date. However, we are no responsible for any other expenses related to your trip preparation, for example, purchase of air tickets and outdoor gears.   
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