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2015 Special offers
Save up to 50% by choosing an itinerary from among our special offers.  We offer unbeatable prices for some popular combination trips during this season.

Our brand name tours
Our brand name tours (Tour N4 - Highlights of the WestTour N6 - Wonders of Zavkhan, Tour N11 - Untamed Nature, Tour A3 - Zavkhan Horseback Expedition) are offered at a 20%-30% discounted price, compared to tours of the same duration and coverage. 

Early booking discount
Save 20% on all of our tours during the 2015 season by booking before April 15, 2015.

Family Discount
Save an additional 20% for each child under 12, if you are traveling with your family of 4 and more members.

Discount for seniors
Save an additional 20% for each senior in your group of 4 and more members.
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