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  Horseback riding tours
     Sacred Mountain Horseback Trip (7 days)
     Khustai Horse-Trekking (7 days)
     Zavkhan Horseback Expedition (11 days)

  Fishing tours
     Fishing in Chuluut River (7 days)
     Fishing in Shishged River (10 days)
     Fishing in Onon and Balj Rivers (10 days)
     Fishing in Selenge and Delger Rivers (12 days)

  Climbing tours
     Climbing to Mount Otgontenger (8 days)
     Climbing to Mount Huiten of Altai Mountains (9 days)

  Trekking tours
     Trekking in Khenteii Mountains (7 days)
     Trekking in Khangai Mountains (11 days)

  Other adventures
     Jeep Self Drive Expedition (20 days)
     Outdoor Sporting Tours
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