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Eagle hunter in Bayan-Ulgii Province
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Lake Terkh
Duration: 30 days
Transportation: Airplane, Extensive driving
Accommodation: Hotel, ger camp
Departure date: Any time between June 15 and Sep 15
Tour grade: Demanding
Tour code: N12

Destinations: Gobi Desert, Yoliin-Am National Park, Hongor sand dune, Flaming Cliffs, Har Us Lake National Park, Tsambagarav National park, Altai Tavan Bogd National Park,  Ovgon Temple, Khustai National Park, Erdene-Zuu monastery in Khar-Khorin, Tuvkhun temple, Khoshoo Tsaidam Monument, 13th century complex, Terelj National Park,  Khorgo Volcano, Chuluut River Caynon, Lake Terkh, Lake Huvsgul, the 13th century complex,

Complete introduction to Mongolian nature, landscape, culture and religion.  The itinerary covers all popular tourist spots in Gobi Desert, Western Mongolia, Central and Northern Mongolia and some tourist attractions in Eastern Mongolia. Recommended for first time visitors, who have one month to spend in  Mongolia.

Sightseeing, Ulaanbaatar City tour and optional trekking, horseback riding and boat trips.
Suggested Customization
Add State Naadam Festival during July 10-12 or Naadam Festival either in South Gobi, Khovd, Byan-Olgii, Arkhagai, Huvsgul provinces or Khar-Khorin
Add 1-5 day Nomadic Family Homestay
Remove either Lake Huvsgul, Central Mongolia or Gobi Desert Gobi, Western Mongolia component
Add 1-3 day horseback riding trip
Stay longer at Lake Huvsgul for leisure
Add or Remove 1-2 day Ulaanbaatar City Tour
Mount Otgontenger in Zavkhan Province
Tolbo Lake in Bayan-Ulgii province

Day 1: Arrive at Ulaanbaatar City, Transfer to hotel. After some personal refreshment, start guided
city tour. Visit to Zaisan Memorial to see a view of the entire city. Our staff will guide you through
some major spots, such as Sukhbaatar Square and the Opera House. Visit the Museum of Natural
History and other museums, if time allows. Stay overnight at the hotel.

Day 2: Transfer to the airport to fly to South Gobi.  Arrive in Dalanzadgad, a provincial center of
South-Gobi aymag. Then, drive to the Gobi Gurvan Saihan (The three beauties of Gobi) National
Park and arrive at the Hongoriin Els sand dune. Enjoy horse and camel riding along the sand dune.
Have dinner at the tourist camp restaurant. Stay overnight at the ger camp.

Day 3: Drive to Bayanzag (The Rich in Saxual), which is referred to as “The Flaming Cliffs” for its
shapes and colors. Visit a nomadic herder family. You will be introduced to the daily life of herders
and try some hand processed dairy products. Then head towards Valley of Vultures (Yoliin Am)
National Park. Stay overnight at the ger tourist camp close to the Valley.

Day 4: Trek in Yoliin Am National Park. You will see an ice cup if you come here before the end of
July. Visit the local museum at the entrance to the valley, named the “Three beauties of Gobi”
which presents information about the fauna and flora of the national park. Drive back to
Dalanzadgad to catch your flight back to the capital city. Stay overnight in the hotel in Ulaanbaatar

Day 5: Visit to The Bogd Khan Palace Museum and the Zanabazar Museum of Fine Arts, Museum
of National History. Overnight in the hotel.

Day 6: Transfer to the airport to fly to Khovd city in Khovd province. Drive to the Lake Har Us (Black
Water) national park in the depression of the great lakes. Trek around the shore though beautiful
landscape and watch many species of rare birds in the lake.  Stay overnight at the ger tourist

Day 7: Drive to Tsambagarav National Park. Trek to mountain and see rare wild animals including
snow leopard. Tent camping.

Day 8: Drive to Tolbo soum, Byan-Olgii province to visit some Kazakh families to learn Kazakh way
of living. Tent camping.

Day 9: Drive to Olgii city, a center of Bayan-Olgii province stopping over Lake Tolbo for
refreshment.  Tolbo is a crystal clear fresh water lake stretching over 18 kilometers. Stay overnight
at the ger tourist camp.

Day 10 - 13. Two-way trip to the Tavan Bogd national Park.  The National park is famous for its
towering mountains and ice river. The top of Mount Huiten is the highest point (4374m) of Mongolia. 
Ride camels to along the ice river and trek to the mountains.

Day 14: Catch you flight to Ulaanbaatar. Stay overnight in the hotel.

Day 15: Drive to the Khogno Khan Mountain, one of the strictly protected areas of Mongolia. Make a
trek to the mountain through beautiful surroundings to visit Ovgon Temple. Then drive to
Bayangobi, a spectacular combination of sand dunes, and grassland. Have lunch and dinner at the
tourist camp restaurants. Stay overnight at ger camp.

Day 16: Drive to Khar-Khorin, the ancient capital of Mongolia in the 13th century, and see
Mongolia’s oldest monastery Erdene Zuu. Drive toward Orkhon waterfall and then to Tuvkhun
Temple, a place where Zanabazar, the first Buddhist leader of Mongolia, meditated and created his
finest works of arts within a period of over 30years. Stay overnight in a ger camp near the

Day 17: Trek to Tuvkhun Temple. Enjoy the stunning beauty of the High Mountain, where the temple
is built. Zanabazar called the temple the Land of Happy Solitude. There is a cave called Mother
Belly, which is said to cleanse people of all their sins if they go in and out of the cave. Drive back to
Khar-Khorin. Stay overnight at a ger camp.

Days 18-19: Drive further northwest to Tsenkher Hot Spring. At the spring, water with hydrogen
sulphide pulses out of ground at 86°C. Take a hot soak. Visit a nomadic herder family and taste
some hand processed dairy products. Observe the daily activities of herders. Ride horses and
enjoy leisure time. Stay overnight at the ger camp.

Day 20: Drive further to the town of Tsetserleg, a provincial center of Arkhangai aymag and visit
Zaya Gegeen Temple Museum built, in the 18th century. Next drive to Taihar Rock and observe
inscriptions in different Asian languages, such as Old and New Mongolian and Turkish, Tibetan,
and Chinese. Relax near the river bank. Stay overnight at the ger camp.

Day 21: Drive to the Chuluut River Canyon. The Chuluut river is rich in many species of fish,
including lennok and taimen. Trek down to the canyon. Drive westward to the dormant Horgo
volcano. Enjoy the stunning natural beauty created by past volcanic eruptions. Do some fishing and
swim in Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake, our final destination for today. Stay overnight in the ger camp.

Day 22: Take a long drive through amazing natural beauty towards Lake Huvsgul, leaving the
territory of Arkhangai Province behind. Camp in a tent camp or a ger camp.

Day 23: Drive to Lake Huvsgul. On the way, stop shortly at Murun, a provincial center of Huvsgul
Aimag. Arrive at the Huvsgul Lake by driving through wonderful landscape. Stay overnight at the ger
camp on the shore of the lake.

Days 24-25: Leisure time at Huvsgul Lake. After refreshments, trek to the nearby mountain and do
some horse back riding along the shore. Taking a motor boat to the other shore of the river is
optional. If the water is warm enough, you can swim in the crystal clear lake and do some fishing.
Visit the reindeer breeding family living on the shore of the lake.  Stay overnight at the ger camp. 
Stay overnight at the ger camp.

Day 26: Drive back to Murun and catch your flight back to Ulaanbaatar City. Transfer to the hotel.

Day 27: Tour Ulaanbaatar City for a full day.  Visit Gandan Monastery, and the Museum of Natural
History. Stay overnight at the hotel.

Day 28:  Drive to the 13th century complex. See how the Mongols lived in the 13th century. Horse
and camel riding is optional. Then drive to Terelj National Park. See a rock shaped like a turtle and
visit a temple in the middle of a rocky mountain. Stay overnight at the ger camp.

Day 29: Drive back to Ulaanbaatar.  Free time in Ulaanbaatar. See folklore show in the evening.

Day 30: Take advantage of free time before your departure. Visit some cashmere, clothing,
souvenir and antique shops. Transfer to the airport.
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Tour N12: All Mongolia Expedition
Taikhar rock in Arkhangai province
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