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Mongolian warriors
Duration: 2 days

Tour grade: Easy
Tour code: S2
Accommodation: Hotel
Departure date: All year around

Destination: 13th century complex, Khustai National Park

Activities: Visit one of Mongolia's national parks and see wild Przewalski's Horse. Visit nomadic family. See dramatized life of Mongolian warriors in the 13th century. Optional horseback riding is available


Day 1: Drive to Khustai national park and see the Wild horses or Przewalski horses. Short-trekking to nearby mountains and horse riding are optional. Visit a nomadic herder family and taste some hand processed diary products. Drive back to Ulaanbaatar. Stay overnight at the hotel.

Day 2: Drive to the 13th century complex. See how the Mongols lived in the 13th century.  Horse and camel riding is optional. Drive back to Ulaanbaatar
Suggested Customization
Combine with any other trips. 13th century complex is included in most of our tour itineraries
Add 1-2 day nomadic family homestay
Add 1-2 day horseback riding trip
A Prezewalski horse at Khsutai Natianal Park
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Tour S2: Khustai National park + The 13th Century Complex
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