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Nomadic family
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Cow cart used for transporation by nomads
Duration: 10 days
Destinations: Ulaanbaatar city, Ih-Uul soum, Zavkhan Province
Transportation: Airplane, Car
Accommodation: Nomadic family
Departure date: Any time between June 15 and Sep 15
Tour grade: Moderate
Tour code: C4
Depature date: Any time July through September

Activities: Homestay in a nomadic family. Learn nomadic way of life.

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Tour C4: Nomadic Family Homestay
Day 1: Arrive at Ulaanbaatar City, Transfer to hotel. After some personal
refreshment, start guided city tour. Visit to Zaisan Memorial to see a view of the
entire city. Our staff will guide you through some major spots, such as Sukhbaatar
Square and the Opera House. Visit the Museum of Natural History and other
museums, if time allows. Stay overnight at the hotel.

Day 2: Transfer to the airport to fly to Tosontsengel soum, Zavkhan province. 
Drive to host family living in Ih-Uul soum, Zavkhan province. A typical host family
would be breeding, sheep, goats, cows, yaks and horses. Average family has 5
members and they all share same ger yurt. Staying in a tent close to the family ger
is an option  if you prefer to do so. Get introduced to the family and environment. 

Day 3-10: Homestay. Take part in daily activities of the family.  Most repeated
duties are milking the animals, processing dairies, bringing the animals home from
the pasture. Horseback riding is essential part of nomadic life. 

Day 11: Drive back to Tosontsengel to catch your flight to Ulaanbaatar. Stay
overnight at the hotel in Ulaanbaatar.

Day 12: Take advantage of free time before your departure. Visit some cashmere,
clothing, souvenir and antique shops. Transfer to the airport.
Number of
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2 3-4  
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1290 1190    
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