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Erdene-Zuu stupas in Khar-Khorin
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Duration: 3 days
Transportation: Car
Accommodation: Hotel, Ger camp
Departure date: All year around
Tour grade: Easy
Tour code: S5

Destination: Erdene-Zuu Monastery, Khustai National park, Ovgon Temple

Activities: Visit Mongolia's oldest and largest monastery in the ancient capial city Khar-Khorin, see
Przewalski's Horses in Khustai National Park, visit Nomadic family, trek for 6 hours to Ovgon hiid, a temple built
on top of a mountain.


Day 1: Drive to the Khogno Khan Mountain, one of the strictly protected areas of Mongolia. Make a
trek to the mountain through beautiful surroundings to visit Ovgon Temple. Then drive to Bayangobi,
a spectacular combination of sand dunes, and grassland. Have lunch and dinner at the tourist camp
restaurants. Stay overnight at ger camp.

Day 2: Drive to Khar-Khorin, the ancient capital of Mongolia in the 13th century, and see Mongolia’s
oldest monastery Erdene Zuu. Drive toward Tuvkhun Temple, a place where Zanabazar, the first
Buddhist leader of Mongolia, meditated and created his finest works of arts within a period of over
30years. Stay overnight in a ger camp near the Monastery.

Day 3: Drive to Khustai national park and see the Wild horses or Przewalski horses. Trekking to
nearby mountains and horse riding are optional. Visit a nomadic herder family and taste some hand
processed diary products. Drive back to Ulaanbaatar.
Suggested Customization
Combine with any other trips.
Add 1-2 day nomadic family homestay
Add 1-2 day horseback riding trip
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Tour S5: Quick trip to Khar-Khorin
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