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Any of our travel packages can be customized in accordance with your preferences. We will be also happy to create completely new itinerary fitting your specific interests.  Examples of custom tours include bird watching tours, photographic expeditions, star/sky observations and various outdoor adventures in Mongolia.

In the past we have helped with the logistics of scientific explorations, film shooting and business trips by foreign organizations and individuals through Mongolian countryside. We are looking forward to having the opportunity to help you on similar occasions. 

contact us with the details for your desired trip, specifying number of travelers, trip duration, preferred transportation, and destinations.  If you are not sure about destinations, we can provide information about potential destinations that may be suitable for any particular trip.  

The following are some of the tailor-made trips that we have organized in the past and the trips that may be of interest to you.

Trans-Mongolian jeep safari

Pilgrimage to hidden monasteries

Russian jeep safary in the Mongolia Gobi and Khangai Mountain

Bird watching in the Depression of Great Lakes

Biking in Khentei Mountain

Rafting in Kherlen, Selenge River

Trekking to various spots

Camel trekking in the Gobi

Blueberry harvesting in Zavkhan forest

Star observation at various spots

Exploring drawings on cave stones

Homestay in a nomadic family in the Gobi Desert

Medical holidays in Mongolia natural springs

Horse trekking around Lake Huvsgul

Gobi off-road trophy

Winter ski adventures in Altai mountains
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