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Mongolian Travel Info
You can have almost any kind food you like in Ulaanbaatar City. There are many excellent restaurants in Ulaanbaatar City that serve meals of many cuisines including Italian, Indian, French, Ukrainian, Russian, Thai, Mexican, Japanese, and Korean.

The ger (yurt) tourist camps in the countryside serve mainly Mongolian traditional meals and European style meals. However, we have to mention that the choices of meals in countryside restaurants limited. Menus do not change very much from restaurant to restaurant. We try to choose the best ger (yurt) tourist camps in terms of meals, but we also need to consider other aspects, such as comfort, amenities and security.  Sometimes, trade-offs are necessary, therefore, we have very limited choices.

If you are vegetarian and/or have any religious and other preferences with regard to food, we are most likely to meet you needs once we are informed beforehand.
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