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Mongolian Travel Info
Generally, you will share a hotel room, a yurt in countryside camps and tents with one of your travelmates unless you request otherwise. With whom you share accommodation is based on your preference.  When filling out our tentative order form, please clearly indicate your accommodation preference, for example “I do not want to share a room” and “I would like to share my room with ….” If you are a solo traveler, you will not share a room with anyone else. If you are traveling in a group and choose not share with hotel room, ger, or tent with others, approximately $30 per day is added to the total price of the trip. 
When in Ulaanbaatar City, you will be staying in a 4 star hotel. While traveling through the countryside, you will mainly be staying overnight in ger (yurt) tourist camps. Also you may occasionally be camping in tents if it is included in your itinerary. The ger, or yurt as it is known to many people, is the round felt-covered portable home used by nomads in Mongolia for thousands of years. Typical ger tourist camp gers have 2-4 beds, a table, stools, and a heating stove. Not all ger camps have amenities like showers and baths. Ger camps differ in terms of comfort, the services provided and food. We try to choose the best ger camps possible when we have a choice, but when we are traveling off the popular tourist track, we sometimes have very little choice. 

When you are staying in a ger tourist camp make sure that you keep your documents and valuables with you, even when your ger door is locked.

When tent camping is included in the itinerary, we carry the necessary equipments for tent camping, such as tents, sleeping bags and pads, and cooking facilities in our travel vehicle. A tent designed for 3-4 people is provided for every two persons and sleeping bag, pad and clean linens are provided for each person.   If you do not want to share your tent with other person, please let us know as early as possible but, at least before we leave Ulaanbaatar City.

When we are tent camping or staying in a ger camp, it can be quite chilly in the evening and early morning, even in the middle of July.  We suggest you bring several layers of clothing and some waterproof clothes and shoes.
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