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Travel to Mongolia - Explore the Original Beauty
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You can get to Mongolia by the Mongolian airline, MIAT, the Russian airline Aeroflot, Air China, Korean Air and Turkish Airlines. Japanese airlines occasionally make unscheduled charter flights to Mongolia during the tourist season.  The Mongolian airline MIAT has direct flights to Berlin, Moscow, Irkutsk,  Beijing, Tokyo, Osaka, and Seoul.  Korean Air has several flights a week to Ulaanbaatar City. The Russian Airliner Aeroflot makes two flights a week to Ulaanbaatar City.

If you are coming from Europe, our recommended route is to first fly to Berlin, then to transfer there to a MIAT flight.

U.S. travelers might find less expensive to buy tickets from a Mongolian air-ticket agency in the U.S. If you are coming from the U.S., one option is to take a United Airlines flight to Beijing and then transfer to either to MIAT or Air China flight to Ulaanbaatar. Since United Airlines and Air China are both members of the Star Alliance, you might get significant discount on your Beijing-Ulaanbaatar flight. This is true especially if you are booking your flight using your United miles. Another option is to fly to Seoul, Korea and then take Korean Airlines flight to Mongolia. Korean Airlines is a member of Skyteam, which includes Delta Airlines.

For Japanese travelers, clearly, MIAT is the first choice, in terms of cost. But the tickets are sold out very early. Some years, tickets for flights in July are sold out as early as February.

Traveling through the Trans-Siberian railway via Moscow, Russia and the Trans-Gobi railway via Beijing, China provides a unique opportunity for adventure.  But these trips are not always smooth for many reasons including the services provided. It takes about 36 hours to reach Ulaanbaatar from Beijing by the trans-Mongolian Railway.
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