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Mongolian Travel Info
Be careful when encountering dogs. In the countryside, dogs are raised as guard animals, not pets. That’s why “Nohio horio,” or ‘Hold the dog’ is equivalent to “Can I come in?” in Mongolia. Whether you are in the countryside, the villages, or the cities, do not expect any dog to be friendly.

When you cross the street, do not expect that traffic will yield to pedestrians.

It is common to bargain when you buy goods from individuals.

It is alright not to tip in restaurants.

Beware of offers to buy fake antiques.
Beware of pickpockets, especially in Ulaanbaatar City. Vigilance should be part of your Mongolia holiday

Pack some warm clothes. It can be quite chilly in the evening in the countryside, even in summer.

Any major currency can be exchanged for Mongolian currency, "tugrug", at banks or exchange points in the capital, Ulaanbaatar City. But this is not the case anywhere else in Mongolia.

The exchange rate of Mongolian currency fort major currencies can be found at

You can buy a cell phone with a prepaid calling card for about $100 U.S. Cell phone service covers about a half of the Mongolian administrative unit centers. International call is possible in those areas from cell phones

It is possible to pay for purchases with credit cards only in a few shops in Ulaanbaatar City. Visa and Mastercard are the most widely accepted credit cards.

The internet is rarely available, once you leave the capital city.

If your itinerary includes a domestic flight, you can carry 10 kilos (22 pound) of baggage for free.

Do not drink too much fermented mare's milk, unless you have tried it before. Fermented mare's milk from different areas can have a different effect on your digestive system.

Take some candies or small gifts with you, so that you will have something to give back, if nomadic families give some gifts to you.
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