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Mongolian Travel Info
After coming to Mongolia, you will be flying with domestic airliners and/or driving mostly in 4X4 Japanese jeeps. Depending on the size of the travel team and the road situation, we occasionally use 4X4 Russian vans, which are suprisingly comfortable on bumpy roads.  The road situation is so varied that in some places you will make easily 500 kilometers a day while you cannot go in some areas longer than 100 kilometers without feeling tired.      

Reaching main destinations dispersed all over the Mongolia’s vast land usually requires extensive driving. Sometimes we have to drive 300-400 kilometers on very bumpy dirt road to reach some attractions.  The extensive driving in the wild nature might be adventure in itself to some travelers.  However, the driving requires quite a lot of patience for many travelers.  Therefore, we try to be as flexible as possible with our travel plans. Any of our travel plans can be adjusted according to your preference.
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