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Mongolian Travel Info
Travel to Mongolia - Explore the Original Beauty
Travel insurance (mandatory).  See our  insurance section.

Your documents (passport, tickets, insurance documents, emergency contact numbers)

Some warm clothing (at least 2 changes for a one-week trip, for example )

Personal first aid kit

Some warm weather clothing, such as shorts, sandals, shirts (at least 2 changes for a one-week
trip, for example). Sandals are also useful when taking showers at the Ger tourist camps.

Personal hygiene items

Plenty of socks and underwear

Bathing suit

Water-proof shoes and walking shoes

Riding boots and rubber over boots (if you're on a horseback riding trip)

Rain pants, rain jacket, rain coat, or rain suit. (Ponchos are NOT recommended)

Mosquito and insect repellant(s)

Sun screen lotion, sun glasses, and sun hat

Cameras and camcorders and their accessories (travel converter for 220V, if necessary, chargers,
batteries, tapes, CDs, DVDs, etc.)

Good binoculars and flashlight

Sleeping bag (0F to 20F bags recommended)

Water bottle and thermal insulated travel coffee mugs (if desired)

Your favorite snacks, teas, dried fruit, etc.
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Preparation checklist